Sync with Android phones through USB?


I checked the Features section, but didn’t see this question answered: Can eM Client sync 1) with Android smartphones, and 2) through USB?

Thank you.

EM Client at the moment cannot sync to any mobile device over the PC. A cloud solution is needed for this. Google has it own sync service, if you’re not using Google, than you need eM’s own solution:

Thanks for the info.


emClient looks smart, and has *almost* all what standard Outlook users would expect as a replacement.

*almost*, but unfortunately not completely. This is a limitation that will prevent Outlook users to move to emClient.

Please let us know if there are plans in the future to develop desktop sync features, with no need to upload one’s contacts or calendar anywhere.

Thanks and Brgds.

We do not plan to develop this feature in the near future - I am sorry.