sync with Android Contacts

I am having issues with Contact’s syncing with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8). I never had issues with my older phone

I’ve tried the “Repair” and my contact from my phone synced to eM Client, but not the other way around.

I don’t have a issue with Calendar or finding emails on the phone. It just seems to be with my contacts!

Where are these contacts saved in eM Client? Are they in local folders, or in your online account folders?

Local folders are not synced with your online account. So if they are there, then move them to the online account folder and they will sync with your other devices connected to the same account.

They are stored Online (gmail)

Can you see them in Google Contacts web interface?

Yes, I can see the contact on the Web Interface, but just not updating with the phone.

Thinking now… should I uninstall and reinstall my google account on the phone? Is it a permission thing?

OK, so we know that eM Client is working properly with Google Contacts.

You might want to visit the Samsung Community and see if there are any issues with syncing your phone with Google Contacts.

I will look into that. First I think I will delete account and install again and go from there.