Sync two calendars

(Latest version of eM Client. Account in eM Client set up with server “”, not IMAP.)

I have been using em Client forever (seems like it but actually since v4), and it simply gets better the more I use it. However, I have one small problem I can’t solve, perhaps because it can’t be done. Here it is:  I have two calendars set up on my one _account. One calendar is named “Personal” and the other “Community”. I can view them both in eM Client. My first calendar (“Personal”) syncs perfectly to my Android phone. However, I can’t get the second calendar (“Community”) to show on my phone. In case it helps, I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and I use the native calendar. I tried another calendar app but still no success. Am I missing a simple step to do this, or is it not possible?


Hi Jeff,
I’m afraid this isn’t really an eM Client issue.
eM Client synces your Calendars from the server and is able to load all of your calendars, but your mobile app also takes the data from the server, not via eM client.
Maybe some other users on the forum can help you, otherwise I recommend searching for different Android apps.

Best regards,