sync two gmail accounts

I have two gmail account in eM Client.  I have copied important labels/folders so they are in both accounts.  How do I get eM Client to sync (ongoing) the emails within those duplicate labels?  If I drag/add emails into one label, will I have to recopy that label to the other account to update the emails, or is there a way to update/sync the emails inside the duplicate labels within my two different gmail accounts inside eM Client? 
Thank you.

Hello Matt, I’m not completely sure what you’re suggesting. When synchronising your gmail account with eM Client, all the account labels are displayed as folders, so unless you want to move the message from one account to another, you can’t use the same folder/label for both account otherwise you would remove the item from one server and moved it to another.

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I guess I did not explain it well.  I have two gmail accounts in my eM Client program.  One of the accounts (my work gmail) will be shut down in about a month, so I am in the process of copying all the folders to my personal gmail account. Doing this w/in eM Client is quite easy (like inside of Outlook).  I still have a lot of emails coming to my work account and I need to “file” them in various folders (ones that I have already copied to my personal account.  Whenever I move emails to various folders in my work account, the copied folder in my personal account will NOT have those most-recent emails, correct?  So my question was if there was a way to sync these two gmail accounts within eM Client so any changes done to my work account (i.e., moving emails) will also be done to my personal account.

ALSO, please tell me what the “Important” folder is and its purpose.

Thank you!

Hello Matt, it is not possible to make two accounts synchronise as one. You can forward your items so you receive them using your personal account rather than the second one and setup an alias to send emails using the second email address, this is however not very useful in case one of your account is going to be shutdown, in that case, it’s better to move your items to the second account for backup.

As a gmail user, your account already includes a couple of labeled folders, such as “Important” this folder is used for storing “Important” emails that you mark as important, or that you move to the folder.


Thank you Paul.  Another question.  Why do my online gmail account and it’s carbon copy in eM Client not always match up.  It appears that there are emails missing from my online gmail account.  It’s like eM Client is “snatching” certain emails first.  Should not the online account and the eM Client account be exactly the same?


Hello Matt, I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to, can you make a screenshot of the issue? The number of messages you can see in your email client is also set by the protocol you’re using to synchronise with the server, are you synchronising your items using IMAP or POP? IMAP keeps your items in sync with the server and should display the exact same content as you can see on the server, what messages in what folders appear to be extra on your server?