Sync settings per account.

Different accounts should have different sync settings. I am looking at deploying eMClient to a client site that has an internal server. They will need much faster syncs internally than on their gMail accounts (where they keep calendaring).

This will be a show stopper if they get sync errors, and they have to constantly hit “ignore”.

Hi, we do not plan to change our sync settings for “per account” if we are talking about “synchronization interval”.

You can set in Tools - Accounts - your account - General uncheck "include when sending/receiving emails and then under “Send and Receive” you can select individual accounts to synchronize.

Or you can disable showing error messages in Tools - Settings - General - General and uncheck “show windows when an error occurs”.


I would like to see synchronization interval made into a per-account setting, as well.

Lots of people have several e-mail accounts; personal, work, junk etc. On some accounts people receive email every few minutes or seconds whereas on some it may take days, weeks or more. Other accounts may not need automatic sync at all. This is why a per-account setting can cut quite a bit of bandwidth, speed up the client/computer as well as reduce sync errors.

Especially since the sync error/operations window is enabled by default. The single most annoying issue for me as a new eM user was a constant sync error window from G-mail accounts that do not need frequent syncing. Despite looking for it I couldn’t find the option to disable these unnecessary error messages (until just now). 

This really is an important feature for many people working with many accounts and/or syncing their addressbooks/calendars. I do not really need or want my massive addressbook to be synced against my carddav server or junk account every 5 or 10 minutes and put uneccessary load on my server. Every couple of hours would be plenty. But then again I need to check my personal email pretty frequently.

Its a pity if I cant configure both intervals individually.

Kind regards