Sync problems with Gmail Calendar

Hello, I am using the 7.0.27943.0 em client version.
I have problems syncing the events with my gmail Calender. If I am online when I edit the em Client calender, it will sync immediately with the gmail Calender online. If I am editing without an internet connection (for example on a plane) the events will not sync once I am again online. It doesn’t help to click “refresh” while online, the program will not sync the edited events. It doesn’t help to edit online the events created offline, I just have to cancel them and create them once more. THEN it will sync with the webbased calendar.
Of course this is very disturbing, if I have to be online for editing my calendar then I can use Gmail right away directly…
I will be very thankful for any help. 


There were some known issues with syncing gmail calendars in version 7.0.x (Although I’m not sure about your issue).  7.1 should resolve these problems, but I’m not sure when they will release it.  Version 7.1 beta 2 is available for download and I have found it to be very stable.  You can get it at