Sync problem with Office-365

I have connected 2 eMClients via EWS to the same Office 365 mail account. If I move a mail from the inbox or mark a mail as read or delete a mail on one of the two clients, the change is not immediately executed on the other client. Only when i press the “Update” button, the change is carried out. Or autmatically after the set syncronization time of x minutes.
I have also tested this with IMAP and the result is exactly the same.
With two outlook clients the behavior is exactly as it should be. changes are visible within 1-3 seconds on the second client.
Does anyone have an idea what this can be?

With IMAP the Inbox syncs in real-time. With Exchange the Inbox syncs in 1 minute intervals. The other folders don’t. They sync on the sync schedule.

As I have already written, I tested this also (IMAP) with Office 365, but the behavior is exactly the same as with EWS. It syncs only on the sync schedule.

It is possible this is your issue with IMAP with Office 365 not sync’ing in real-time:

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Ok thanks, that explains the IMAP problem.

But the EWS sync should also be real time, right?
There it syncs also only on the sync schedule time.

No, that will sync in 1 minute intervals.

No, not with me. I have just tested it again. I delete a Mail in the Inbox of the Outlook Client or the eMClient, but nothing happens on the other emClient for minutes. Only after the 10 minutes (set in the settings) change takes place. Or when i press the update button.