Sync Problem with Kerio Connect - An element node 'soap:Header' of the type Element was expected, but node 'Body


I want to try out EM Client with connection to (some) Kerio Connect servers. (via EWS!)

In the middle of the sync I get the following error and the sync is not complete.

[Exchange Web Services]Die Synchronisation des Ordners’XXX/Posteingang’ ist fehlgeschlagen mit folgendem Fehler: An element node ‘soap:Header’ of the type Element was expected, but node ‘Body’ of type Element was found.

I’ve the same problem with multiple accounts.

I can’t see any problems at the server logs. What can I do? How should I debug this problems.

I wanted to use the cool EM Client for many of my users.

Please help.

best regards,

I haven’t seen any work around for this yet on the eM Client forum.

I suspect this still a Kerio server problem as I see this has been an issue for users on the following URL.

One user says on the above forum near the end of thread, they have tried eM Client V9 latest Beta and “no longer” get the soap header error, but the get a different error - “ConvertId operation is not supported”.

Same here, why they do not solve this problem or at least give an official announcement on what causes this problem, eM Client side or Kerio side…

Suggest to try the latest official eM Client V9 versions for PC or Mac (if you haven’t already) and see if it makes a difference.