Sync Problem from Google

Hy all!

I have a problem.
I am using em client at home.
And everything works really good.
I wanted to add also my company mails to em client.
So that i can look at them at home.
It works also everything but i always get an sync error.

Everything works but i always get this error.
Can somebody helps me?
that is really annoying if there comes a pop up with this error every 30 seconds.

Please help me.
Thanks a lot.

Hello Stefan,
this was an error on google servers, but it has been already fixed and there is an easy way to solve this.

Go to your Contacts tab and under your gmail account there should be folders names Contacts and Directory.
Right click the Contacts directory and choose Properties > Repair and click the repair button.
After the repair is finished, do the same for the Directory folder.
If you have more gmail accounts, you need to do this for all of them.
This is a full resync on Contacts, but it can be done just as well by removing gmail from your Tools > Accounts tab and re-adding it, as this fully resynces all your gmail account data.

Best regards,

Hy Olivia

Thanks a lot for fast reply.
It works really good!

Best regards from Austria

While this works, this is twice in as many weeks that this situation has arisen.  It would be nice if em Client could be updated so that users wouldn’t have to continue manually addressing this issue.

Actually this time around, this only works for a few minutes, then the error starts happening again.

Agreed…even removing and re-adding the accounts doesn’t stop the error completely this time.  HELP!

I’m having the same issue (Windows 10 OS). I’ve deleted and re-created the account several times, and the error pops up again within a week or less. Using the Repair option works for only a few minutes. This is the one main issue that is keeping me from upgrading to the full client. I won’t upgrade until the problem is fixed. Please help.

we are very sorry for the inconvenience, but it looks like there is something happening on the google servers again, and indeed, the repair solution won’t help permanently anymore, as the issue is currently not even fixed on the server side and keeps changing. Unfortunately, until it is, we can’t make our own fix either, since the situation on the server isn’t stable enough for us to find a solution.

Best regards,

Hello everyone,  
there is a new release with a solution to this problem now:

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if it you still experience this issue after installing this release.

Best regards,