Sync of Note or categories

we are testing emclient in the company, I wanted to understand one thing:

is it possible to somehow synchronize the categories/tags and the notes?

It depends on the server.

Notes sync with Exchange and IceWarp servers for example.

ok, sync only with EAS and similars and not with imap, right?

Notes are actually synced through the calendar protocol, but it depends on the server. With IceWarp the calendar uses CalDAV, and they support this. iCloud also uses CalDAV but they don’t support this option, so Notes won’t sync through them.

For Exchange accounts, it will be EWS. With EWS we sync both tags and Notes.

With Google servers we sync tags but not Notes.

Really just depends on the server.

ok, emclient support active sync or not?


That is a mobile protocol, so not suitable for desktop applications.

ok, then i have a problem

in outlook I can configure an account as exchange, in emclient instead not

what’s the difference?

in outlook desktop i see that it’s exchange activesync

To add the account, go to Menu > Accounts > Add account. Enter the email address in the automatic setup. The account will be setup correctly. If it is an Exchange server like O365, it will use Exchange. If it is an IMAP server, it will use IMAP.

ok, i have other opportunities to sync the notes/categories? there is some plug-in or external software that you know?

i have mdaemon with activesync, imap and pop

repeat_ with outlook desktop (office 365) i can configure exchange activesync. With emclient (both, desktop or mobile) i can’t do the same

We don’t support this kind of syncing with mdaemon at this time. I know there was a feature request for it, so it will still be investigated and considered for future development if the server supports the options we require.

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