sync of contact email fields "work" and "home" does not work on hotmail account

In my contacts, i am using the email address fields “Work” and “Home” in emClient.
When i sync the contacts with my Microsoft account (server, then these 2 fields are not uploaded to my hotmail address book. The other fields (street, city, …) work fine.

I have seen that using the fields “email” and “email2” would sync to hotmail as “home” and “work” respectively.
But this is not what i want, because i want to be able to copy contacts using emClient between my main address book on a CardDAV server and my family’s address books on servers. And the CardDAV server correctly maps “home” and “work” to the respective fields in emClient.
(btw: the ability to copy contacts between accounts is one of the main features why i’m evaluating using emClient)

So how can i accomplish that address fields “Work” and “Home” in emClient are syncronized correctly to the respective fields on a account?

Thanks very much for your support!!

Hello, sorry to see this, unfortunately this is due to certain compatibility issues between the two protocols, that’s why the contact field names are not kept, unfortunately this is currently not possible for us to workaround, but we’ll try to resolve this with future releases if possible.