sync more than two phonenumbers with gmail


Fist of all, great application! I LOVE eM Client. I have forgotten about all other offline emailclients :slight_smile:

It would be Useful though if it was possible to sync more than two phonenumbers from my Gmail account contacts. At the moment only the first two numbers are synced.
F.e. If a contact has a home number, a cellphone number and a parents or girlfriends number, the third number and further numbers are not synced, so I`m regularly ending up logging into only Gmail for additional information about my contacts. :frowning:

Thanks for considiring.

Best Regards

Hi Maurice, not completely sure what youโ€™re referring to, you should be able to display more numbers for your contact in all views including business cards.
What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

I am using version 6.0.12040.0

Do you have a way of work how to make settings?

Br maurice

Hi Maurice,

I assume that you know that you can click on the buttons in front of the phone numbers in a contact window, right?

screen shot:

Maybe phone numbers are being synchronized, but you just need to select them to be shown?