Sync issues across devices

Hi there

Am using v 9.2.1735 on Win10 using google suite on a personal domain

I have noticed that the synching across devices (I have 3work, home and laptop - all on same version) is not very robust and seems to be hit an miss and I dont feel confident that if I have created something that needsa to sync (snooze etc) that it will be reflected in my other devices. I have set them all up from one backup so all settings should be the same across 3 devices.

For example, last night I did a lot of work at home setting up syncs plus some ‘what for later’ type events on my home machine and not one has synchronised across to my work machine on boot up

Its really frustrating as you can imagine and pretty inefficient. Does anyone have any thoughts on what might be causing this or any solutions?



Options like Snooze and Watch for Reply depend on the server supporting custom flags.

Not all do.

We do support it for Exchange, and some whitelisted IMAP servers.

thank you Gary. What about Gmail?

Yes, we do support this for Gmail.

It syncs Snooze and Watch for Reply between eM Client applications. It doesn’t sync them with the Gmail interface or other applications.

thank you - so how do I troubleshoot or ‘fix’ the irregularity of the sync between my devices?

It is the snooze and watch for thats hit and miss…are there any steps for me to try and fix?