Sync Inbox Only

Is there a way to sync the Inbox only? I use Yahoo mail and I have a lot of folders and history. It takes forever to sync because it syncs all folders including archive and sent plus many more.

I turned off, Automatically detect special folder names and Include attachments to search in attached documents.

When I use an iPad on the same email account it takes a few seconds to sync. I’m assuming that’s because it only syncs the inbox. I’m using IMAP and Windows 10 with eM Client.


IMAP accounts in mail clients normally always sync every remote mailbox folder or label so they know “if there are any changes” anywhere as is the nature of IMAP Mail compared to POP mail.

However once the remote IMAP mail is “all locally cached” in eM Client, the next time synching will be much faster as only new items are synched.

Thanks for the response. I should clarify that it’s only very slow on the first launch each time I start eM Client. Once it’s running it syncs pretty quickly.

I checked my Samsung phone with Aqua Mail (and the same yahoo account) and it allows me to sync any folder I like and most folders are not selected which makes it much faster. You can set them to “Do not sync” or a number of options options. Also, my iPad is the fastest so I don’t know what Apple is doing but they have the fastest mail client. I really like all the features of eM Client and want to see if there’s any other options to speed up syncing.

If eM Client were to add this feature then I would also suggest adding a supporting feature that allows the user to manually sync a rarely used folder. This is how the other two clients I mentioned do it.