Sync iCloud Data


I recently migrated from Mac to PC and I’m looking for a Mail application that can synchronize my different email addresses and calendars. So far I am very enthusiastic about “em Client”!

However, I’m trying in vain to synchronize my iCloud calendars. My problem is the following: I access my iCloud account via a gmail address. Therefore, when I try to sync my iCloud account data, the application does not sync those, but the data from my Gmail account. Do you know a way to sync iCloud data despite the fact that my login is a Gmail address?

I thank you in advance for your help.

I’m not sure I understand your problem. You can take a look at the following page to see if it matches your wish:: How to Sync Google Contacts With iCloud

In eM Client go to Menu > Accounts.

Click the Add Account button.

Choose Calendar > iCloud Calendar and follow the setup.

Thank you both!

You helped me find a way to sync my iCloud calendar. I had indeed to import only the calendar AND setup a password for application in iCloud settings.