sync huge gmail account?

I have a big gmail account with 75,000 emails archived - I just save everything to find later.  is eM going to sync my entire account, or can I set it to sync just over a period of time or storage amount?  I don’t want all these emails put on my harddrive.   Thanks.

Yes, same problem.  I have a gmail account with over 22,000 emails in the inbox. I DO NOT want to sync all of them to my local hard drive. 

How do I either:

 (a) limit how far back my inbox and sent-emails will sync, or

 (b) use eM Client just for sending outbound emails. I would continue viewing my inbound emails via web browser.

  © Can I only sync my Calendar with my gmail account, if the above scenarios are not possible?


Hi, if you’re using the Gmail Archive feature, all your archived emails are in the “All Mail” folder, unless you’re using download messages for offline use, this folder will be synchronized upon clicking on it/opening it.
Since eM Client only downloads headers of emails, it won’t take so long to synchronize all your emails should be visible but their data will be loaded once you click on a particular email.

Unfortunately there’s no setting for allowing it since a different date, it’s always visible since the beginning you started using Gmail.

As to Peter’s second question you can use any account for just sending emails out, by going to Tools > Accounts > Your account, and deselecting the service you don’t want to use. In this case you want to uncheck all your services except SMTP… Including Contacts and Calendars and IMAP.

As to your third question, it’s the same thing you can deselect every option except the calendar, or you can keep using your Calendar and Contacts + SMTP and just disable the IMAP service.

I hope this helps,