Sync from local to remote


I am in the process of changing webhosts, what I did was use EmClient to connect to my account (IMAP) and sync all folders. When I change my DNS records and started EmClient again, all my emails disappeared. I guess this is expected because they are no longer on the server.

How can I push mail from my local machine to the remote server (ideally excluding attachments)?


Changing DNS Servers shouldn’t normally affect your Mailbox at your ISP unless you move to a differant Server altogether where you also would then need to move your exiting Server Mailbox to the new Host. If this is the case (and your old server is still active) then talk to your new Server admin dudes who should be able to redirect / move your Mailbox to your new server etc via MX Records.

Once that is done, then you modify EMClient with your new Server Imap details where it should then re-sync your exiting imap email on your new server.

I own my own domain and pay for hosting. I am changing hosting provider, I have access to both the old and new host at the moment so I have downloaded my entire mailbox. When I update my MX record on my domain to my new host, I will lose all my emails again when I open my mail client (unless I use it in offline mode).

maybe its not possible, but my understanding is imap can sync, but it seems to only sync in one direciton (ie whatever is on the server sync it with the local) I want ot be able to “push” all the emails form my emclient to my new imap sever. 

My new webhost will have no abilities to get a copy of my old mailbox and my old webhost has no abilities to download my mails in any other fashion than pop3 or imap.


As far as my understanding of IMAP mail and email clients, you only get a synced view of the remote mailbox where nothing is normally stored locally unless it pop.

If you want to normally sync your old IMAP server mailbox to your new IMAP server mailbox in EMClient you would eg: add a pop account to your old mailbox to then download all your previous mail (and specify when you add the pop account you want it in a separate folder).

Then once done, add a new imap account in EMClient from your new server and then drag / move all your email from the pop account to your IMAP account.

Another mailer you can do this is in Thunderbird. Ive done that many times moving from old servers / hosts when I had IMAP mail.

Thanks, yes I just found TB might be able to do it to.

I actually found another way to do it, theres a linux package called: imapsync you give it the credentials to both servers and it performs a two way sync. Takes a while but works very well.

Ok cool :slight_smile:

Thanks for the “imapsync” info. Useful to know.