Sync fails from Android to EmClient (Win10)

I am using Android Calendar, Tasks and Contacts to sync with eMClient, using Radicale and DavX. Changes made in EmClient always appear on my Android Apps. However changes (as opposed to new entries) made on the Android do not appear in eMClient.

I have an example of a task which was amended on the Android that eMClient does not pick up even though the ics file on the Windows machine does show the change. The eMClient view of the ics does not show the change.

I can live with it but it means remembering to manually enter the change. I will not post the data here but will happily email it. Thanks, Anthony

eM Client doesn’t sync with your phone directly. Rather it syncs with a server.

So it depends on what is on the server - what you can see in the web interface for that provider. If the changes made on the phone aren’t visible in the web interface, they won’t be synced to eM Client. That would mean some issue with the way the phone syncs with the server.

If they are visible in the web interface, it may be some issue with eM Client syncing with the server. You can right-click on the calendar or contact folder in eM Client and choose Properties > Repair > Repair. See if that corrects it. Otherwise there may be some CalDAV or CardDAV errors listed in Menu > Operations > Log tab, which will tell more.

And if you have a Pro license, you can open a support ticket with us. You can do that using Menu > Help > Get VIP Support on the device where your Pro license is activated. We can investigate some logs and see where the issue is.

Yes, as stated the web server is run under Radicale and the updated entry on the Android shows in that data but eMClient does not pick up the change. Repair does not fix it, there are no errors in the logs and I don’t have a Pro licence. It is not just this entry, it is any amendment made, probably to the text. Amendments the other way, ie eMClient → Radicale → DavX → Android app have always worked perfecty.

So how does it appear in the web interface for the provider?

(Sorry, I’m not sure what happened to my post which seemed stuck in Firefox and seems unsent in Edge. - trying again from Edge)

The last lines from eMClient → View icalendar are:

\n23/02/2024 - £2.75
for 30 balls and £13.00 left. \n\n\n\n

&n bsp;

The last lines from the web data on the Win 10 desktop are:

\n23/02/2024 - £
2.75 for 30 balls and £13.00 left. \n22/03/2024 £2.75 £10.25 left\nand
again £7.50 left


23/02/2024 - £2.75 for 30 balls and £ 13.00 left.&nbsp\;&nbsp\;