Sync errors Hotmail and Gmail

I have eM Client setup on both my desktop and laptop . eM Client works fine on my desktop but not on the laptop. On the laptop, I get Airsync errors for Hotmail. For Gmail, sometimes I get connection errors caused by server unavailability. Also, there are emails that have been deleted through the desktop, but they still show up on my laptop and unable to delete them with the laptop.
Any thoughts?

Do you share the same license key for both device??
On the free license you are allowed to have it activated on only 1 device.
Work-around: use your second email address for you second free license to be activated on the laptop.

They really should put the free license up to 3 devices TBH all the pro feature are locked up anyway.

Yes, I was trying to use the same license for both and didn’t realize the restriction. I tried your work-around and it seems to be working fine now.