Sync Error

Sorry for my bad english. It’s the first time for me in this forum. I have the following problem:
When I start eM always opend a window like the enclosures.What is wrong? Otherwise the programm works good

Hi Walter.

It seems that your mailbox on is full.

Hi Garry,
thanks for your quick answere, but the mailbox is 97% free (see Screenshot).
In my first message I have forgotten to send another screenshot. Perhaps it can help you.

Sorry, I also did not read the initial post fully. It may be an error in the length of the folder name, or in the number of sub-folders. Are these folders you created in eM Client, or were they created by another application, or through a web interface?

Could you create a new folder Posteingang > Test (not Posteingang > Posteingang > Test ) and see if there are any errors on that?

Hi Gary, please excuse my late answere.
The problem has ended, because I changed the contract with my provider. Before I had created too much folders ( allowed only 10). Now I have to pay 2,95 EUR/month and all is o.k.
But thanks anyway.