sync error with Google apps account

Every time I sync, I get the same error (all details are exactly the same). This has started just recently (about a week?) - Every thing appears to be working , but the repeated error is frustrating - any ideas?

Could it be a temporary problem, as the message suggests?  eM Client would not be at fault in that case.  It can’t sync if the other side is not available to accept.   

I know (from experience) that Microsoft’s Hotmail site is down from time to time but comes back online later.  If you continue to have a problem, perhaps checking at the Google end might produce a solution. Just a thought… :wink:

Hi David,
the problem could be a temporary google issue. If the errors don’t stop popping up on their own, try resynchronizing your account’s contact folders.
Go to Contacts, right-click your gmail account and choose Properties>Repair. Wait for the repair to finish and see if the issue reoccurs.


Thanks Olivia,

I’ve given that a try and we will see what happens. More recently it has been doing it occasionaly, but not as much as before