Sync error with CalDav server, unable to edit events. Get read-only account error

I am setting up a new EM Client to connect to an existing Mac OS X CalDav server.  It appears I have set up the Calendar account successfully, and I can add an event. The issue starts when I try to edit or delete the event.  I get an error that the account is set to read-only.  The event successfully sends an invite email to the recipients, and even sometimes the delete event notification, but the event won’t edit/delete.  My environment is mostly Apple, but I have a few other Windows machines running EM Client without issues.

You might want to check with the server admin, or support, that you have the correct url for the CalDAV. The url used in an iPhone for example may not be the same as you would use in a Windows application.

Our admin left the company 2 weeks ago, and did not leave documentation on the CalDav setup.

I have tried using :8443:principals/ uids /14EB14A5-2097-4F21-8081-D6E31AC8394E as well as using calendars instead of principals, but neither fix the read-only issue.

The other windows users in my group just use :8443 and seem to work fine, but that also does not work for this installation.

how can I confirm the correct URL ?

I think because it is the weekend, you might want to open a support ticket with eM Client. Somebody should be able to assist you sooner, and will probably have advice regarding your server.