Sync email setup laptop and desktop

Good evening,

New here and hoping you can help, I work on a desk top and a laptop. Is it posable to sync all my settings. I have both mailboxes on each device but I would also like to sync the settings?

is it posable?

Unfortunately it is not possible to sync settings.

But you can export the settings from one device and import them to the other. It is not technically a sync as it will replace the settings on the target with the original. You do that in Menu > File > Export > Settings. Copy the xml file to the other device and use Menu > File > Import > Settings.

With a Pro Business license, you can force specific settings to be copied from the server to the Client each time you start the application, so also a one-way sync. It is really meant for organisations so you can force preset signatures for a department, or restrict which uses can add their chat accounts etc. Not really practical for two devices.