Sync Contacts with Gmail & mobile

I wanted to sync em client contacts with my mobile. I was advised to use IMAP for Gmail and copy contacts to contacts folder in Gmail. Then i was advised to sync gmail contacts with the mobile. This was very helpful and I could do all these without any issues.

Now, i have two contacts lists on my emclient contacts view, one is the default, the second is the contacts appearing in Gmail.

I would be very thankful if it could be clarified on the following:

  1. When i make changes in default em client contacts, do the contacts get updated automatically? Or do i physically copy the default em cleint contacts from time to time & paste on the contacts folder in Gmail?

  2. Is there an easier way to update em client contacts with the mobile? Is there an app for android mobile which can take the exported contacts from em client in .vcf format and pull this into the mobile contacts.

Hi, not sure what you mean by the “default” contacts. If you mean the contacts in your local folders, these wont be updated automatically, these contacts are saved only on your computer and are not synchronized with any server/phone/etc. I would suggest using the Gmail contacts only, these are synchronized between your devices and you don’t have to worry about backup either since they’ll be always available on the server.

There’s no easier way to synchronize the contacts, at least in my opinion.

Thank you,

Thank you Paul, very useful reply.

I have copied all contacts in local folder in emclient with contacts in gmail folder.

However, some of the contacts do not appear in gmail contacts folder in emclient, although they are still there in the local folder of emclient.

Due to this problem, some important contacts are not appearing on my mobile.

I would be grateful if you could please advise.

Contacts in your local folders won’t be synchronized with your gmail account as local folders are store only locally.
If you want your contacts to be synchronized they have to be in the gmail folder in eM Client.

Thank you,

Thanks a lot Paul for all your effort & help.

Just to make sure that i am not doing something incorrectly, to make my life easier, can i simply do away with contacts in my local folder after i have copied them in contacts of gmail folder in emclient, as suggested by you in this conversation.

This will ensure that i am updating my contacts in gmail folder and even my mobile phone remains uptodate.

Can i be sure that all the contact information has been passed onto gmail contacts from my local contacts folder when i copied local contacts folder to gmail contacts folder and gmail has not cut-off parts of contact fields or info by mistake.

Similarly, instead of maintaining local calander & copying it from time to time to gmail calander, can i delete the local calander?

At times when there is no internet connectivity while i am travelling, will my emclient contacts under gmail be displayed OR will it be blank till such time net connectivity returns?

I look forward to your valuable clarification & help.

Thanks for such good support and for making such a wonderful programme emclient team…

Hi again, if you move your contacts from the local folder to the gmail folder it will be synchronized with the server (but wait until the synchronization is over, before you close the client/computer).
All the information saved in this folder should be available for offline use, but any changes made while you were/are offline will be taken in account after you connect, so you might not be able to see the latest updates if you update something on your phone and open your computer offline afterwards.

There should be no issue when moving the data.

You can do the same with calendars, but to get rid off your local folders go to Tools > Settings, and uncheck the option “Show local folders”.

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Reg Contacts:

Thanks a million for your valuable support. I have transferred the contacts from local folder to Google contacts folder. Now i will be saved a lot of time which was spent maintaining two contacts lists.

A small request, there is no option in emclient phone list view to add “Other Phone 2” in the display columns configeration, may i request you to add this to the available fields.

Reg Calander:

I have also moved all calander entries in local folder to google calander folder.

But there is a small problem with calander entries now. Earlier with calander in local folder, i could edit the entries from my mobile when they showed up, to a later date or time. Now, with the same entries showing as Google calander entries, it shows me as a participant and i am not able to edit the entry from my mobile, and for editing it maybe i will need to do go to google calander folder in my tablet. Is there an easier way?

I look forward to your valued reply. Thanks again for your support.

Hi, yes in order to edit the google items you have to setup your google account on your phone as well.
You can customize the current view by right clicking the columns and select “Columns configuration…”.

Do you not have the option to add this item into the columns? Can you try to use some of the predefined options for phone number in eM Client?

Thank you,