Sync configuration between 2 computers

Hello! I’m using eM Client for around a year in one computer my laptop and I justo bought a desk computer so I would like to use it there as well.

I know I need to buy another licence, it’s not really a problem, but what would be great is that both configurations keep syncronised.

I mean, I currently have 12 accounts (IMAP email, Gmail, apple calendar, apple contacts,…) so it’s very annoying to configure the new license the first time, and also any future changes (I usually never am using both computers together).

Is there any way of doing this?

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As you have all IMAP accounts which will then automatically synchronize on more than one computer or device at the same time, I would just backup eM Client on your current computer and then copy that file to your new computer and then restore that backup on your new computer.

Lastly then get a new free or pro license for your second computer and activate it.


I’m working on the same set up – installing eM Client on both my desktop and laptop (and ideally another 3rd computer, if I figure this out). So far, I’ve installed the app on both PCs. I’ve edited Settings, Theme, and Rules on the desktop, and then chose to Export the settings to xml, including all options (accounts, passwords, rules, etc.). Then I choose “Import” settings on the laptop computer.

The only things that haven’t imported/exported successfully are Theme settings and Search folders. Ideally, there would be an automatic sync that replicates one client installation onto the second client, similar to how Blue Mail works (I was impressed with how easily you could sync the settings across devices online with BM). But so far, I’m loving the customizations in eM Client and will likely go Pro once my trial is over.

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Here is an example of how the two clients are looking so far – Notice they have a different TOTAL amount (in the app title bar in parentheses). Ideally, they will be equal once all folders sync.




Thanks Kate, that’s a great setup. I’m sharing the xml file and its future versions via dropbox so any modifications just need to be imported next time I use a new computer.

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