Sync Calendars with Google Calendar

My question relates to syncing calendars as between Outlook365 emails through eM Client and Google Calendar.

I use eM Client because I have three different email accounts I use on a regular basis. One I use in Outlook and two in eM Client – which works well (as opposed to previously when I had all three accounts in Outlook). However, given that I need to see one unified calendar for all appointments, I need to sync to one place to view them all.

Previously I used the gsynchit add-in to be able to sync all the calendars to Google Calendar from Outlook. However, now with one calendar in Outlook and two in eM Client this doesn’t work to synchonrize them all in Google Calendar. Having them all in Google Calendar is my preferred choice, as it is easy to access, see/ sort appointments and access on a mobile device.

Is there any way to allow for two-way sync from eM Client to Google Calendar in this way?

Thank you very much for your help.


I think your question does not relate to eM Client specifically, but to Google Calendar.

If you subscribe to your Outlook365 calendar from one of your Google Calendars, it will appear in eM Client.

No it relates to eM Client. If I have a calendar in eM Client I’d like it to sync with Google and vice-versa. And if I make changes to one of the Outlook365 calendars that is in Google Calendar, it does show in eM Client but the issue is that if I make changes in eM Client it doesn’t synchronize the changes.

Two way sync is the issue really.

There are many discussions in this forum concerning problems with Google Calendar syncing. There was one I was commenting on

Somehow, my issues disappeared when I downgraded to 7.1.3050. Recently I uninstalled it and reinstalled the latest version, and have so far not had any problems.

Of course my problem was that I was not receiving updates automatically from Google, whereas you seem to be having difficulty sending to Google. I suppose you did check that the calendar is not read-only.