Sync always running

This just started maybe a day or two ago with GMail (set up as IMAP)

I noticed that the sync function is always running - when I look at “operations” - it seems like it is always either running “deleting from junk mail folder” or “syncing with junk mail folder” - it just never stops.

What might be causing this and how do I fix it - thanks


The on going synching is normal for IMAP accounts when adding a new account untill all your mail has been locally read / cached. So all depends on how large in size your IMAP cloud mailbox is as to how long it takes.

My Gmail initially took a few days. You can speed up the process by clicking on “All Mail” under your Gmail acct in eM Client which then reads all your mail labels and folders in one go.

So when you are not using your computer, click on All Mail and leave it on till synching stops. As you said you can view when it’s fully synched via Menu / Operations.

Thanks - that makes sense BUT the same issue now appears to be happening with Outlook and Aqua Mail on my phone so I highly suspect that it is really a GMail issue and not something with EMclient

Ok if this is also happening with your other mail clients (and you haven’t just added those accounts and they we’re fully synched previously), then suggest to maybe contact Google via their forum .

Yep - thanks and appreciate the feedback