Sync Address Book and Phone

So I have been using em Client for a few years now around 7 years back in Ver 5/6. Back in the day, I used to be able to sync the address book for eM Client with my address book of my phone. Our company email is with google (gmail) with a address and use a Samsung Android phone. This dose not happen anymore. I used to think it was not happening anymore because we where using the free google called Legacy service, but now that service is no longer and we do pay for the email service.

It makes it nice when I try add phone numbers to email address in my contact list.

It is dependent on you having the same Google account setup in eM Client as you have on your phone. Then if you change a contact in the Samsung Contacts app, it will also be changed in eM Client. Or if you edit the contact in eM Client, it will be changed on the phone as well.