Symbolleisten lassen sich nicht vollständig bearbeiten

Bei mir lassen sich Symbolleisten zwar bearbeiten, aber nicht alle eingefügten Befehle werden später auch angezeigt. Z.B. habe ich Archivieren hinzugefügt. Dies wird z.B. in der Symbolleiste einer geöffneten E-Mail nicht angezeigt. In der Hauptsymbolleiste der E-Mails ist Nachverfolgung eingetragen, erscheint aber nicht. Was kann ich tun?

Some buttons are server or folder dependent.

If you server doesn’t support server-side archiving, then the Archive button will not be visible for that account’s folders. Also, the Archive button won’t be visible if you are already in the Archive folder, or in the Trash or Junk folders.

I have the same problem, that’s why I am still staying at version 8 pro.
Just installed the newest version in a virtual machine (where emclient wasn’t installed before) and the problem is still there

It has nothing to do with the server side archiving for me. I use emclient in list mode with message panel off. In the list I can archive each message, but when I open a message in a separate window the archive button is not there.

BUT: If I open an email at the time it arrives from the Notification Window I will get the archive button. The same happens when I search for messages. When I open one of the message from the results the archive button is there. After deleting the searchwords (and I get all messages in the list again) I can open the same message as before and the archive button is vanished.

Hope it can be fixed, maybe someone at emclient can reproduce this behaviour