SYMBOL of arriving e-mails

Hello! I tried in vain how to activate a function that has always been useful to me with previous programs (Microsoft’s WLM), namely a notification symbol on the icon in the system tray, without having to maximize the window, to control the arriving messages.
If it exists, can you please tell me how to activate it?
And if it doesn’t exist … waiting the next upgrade!
Thanks a lot

I get an ‘envelope’ displayed in the system taskbar and an envelope imposed on the eMC icon in the active app taskbar for new messages.
Here are my Notification settings…

Here is my taskbar with eMC notification of new mail

Just be aware that if you use small taskbar buttons, the badge will not appear.

Thanks for that @Gary … another verification that we (old and young) learn something new every day, especially with windows and eMC :grinning:

I was about to say the same thing. I really didn’t know that.

Thanks a lot Gary, that was the reason, I use the small icons…

For some reason, the badge is not showing for me. I double checked and I am not using small icons. I don’t know why that little useful feature is gone. Any ideas?