Sychronizing Error with Timezone issue

I am receiving an error:

An error occurred
Synchronizing folder’ failed with an error: The calendar doesn’t contain a timezone referenced from its components.

I can’t figure out how to fix this. Thank you


We are going to add timezones in calendar in next major (6th) release in few weeks.

with regards

edit: could you send me the invitation saved as .eml/.ics plus GData log? It would help us a lot.
tools- settings - advanced there mark off GData under your mail then restart client and then send it to me to

Thank you.

Hi–thanks for your reply to this thread. I’ve sent you the information you requested.

I’m constantly receiving this same error from the program. Is there a solution yet?

It’s annoying to being notified about this error every time the program checks for new mail.

(I’m using gmail accounts)


I was unable to locate your name in my inbox, have you sent it fomr your or form someone else’s email?

if possible please send it again follwing same procedure as is in my 1st reply, but join everything as requested:

  1. mail saved as .eml that is causing troubles (if it is private you can make another one without private data but it must cause same problems as that original one).
  2. logs
  3. link to this topic…

I am sorry that I ask you for this again, but we need it to help you.

with regards


we are working on this problem with little problems, when we will know more then it will be posted here either positive or negative result.


Hi Jan, the issue is with the Calendar, not with an Email. How do you want me to proceed with step 1?