switching between plain text and html display

Hello.  I am considering moving from an old version of outlook to emclient.  Now for reasons of security, I normally read my emails in plain text,  However on occasions I need to view the occasional message in html mode.  Is there any way of switching just the current message being displayed into html mode?  I have found the ability to be able to do this in outlook very useful.

Hi Terry,

You can right-click on each message and choose: View mail source. This will open the email in the new window and in HTML.


Umm - not when I tried it.  All I got in the new window was the raw source  of the html text.  I did not get the message displayed in HTML.  Is there some option that needs to be set to get this to work?

 a thought -  does this option only work in the way you suggest with the Pro licence version. 

Hi Terry,

I assumed you wished to see the message HTML code. If you thought of displaying the message in plain text, you can set it in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read but this will apply to all messages, not just your selected ones.


I am afraid you are misunderstanding what I am trying to do.  I already view all the messages in plaintext, but occasionally I want to see a message in its html rendered state - so I would like to know how to do that just for the single message of interest.

Hi Terry,

Unfortunately, this is not possible in eM Client.


This function I would like to have also very much, HTML contains many dangers in e-mails therefore it is better if you read mails as text, but trustworthy mails you sometimes want to read in HTML and then you have to change the settings.
A function like this add-on would be perfect: https://addons.thunderbird.net/de/thunderbird/addon/allow-html-temp/

eM Client already has a privacy option to prevent all messages downloading content from the Internet. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy and make sure that you have selected the first option.

Now all messages, whether viewed as HTML or plain text, will not download content unless you have whitelisted the sender or domain.

Does this attitude also prevent the following?
HTML Bugs, Java Applets, JavaScript, Cookies etc

eM Client does not use Java. What do you mean by HTML bugs?

If you choose the setting I advised above, eM Client will not download any content from the Internet besides the message that it downloaded from your server, unless you specifically whitelist the sender or the sender’s domain.

This includes many tracking methods that do not work when the email is displayed as text. Is something like that blocked as well?

With the use of HTML in e-mails, the sender has a whole bestiary of possibilities to observe the user. The company ReadNotify, for example, uses these possibilities to prepare e-mails for monitoring the recipient (user tracking).

I just tried the “E-Mail Privacy Test”, the result looks quite good:
This is what the e-mail for this looks like:

The first option, as I have advised above, means that eM Client does not connect to the Internet to download or follow any links. All it will do is display is the message that it had downloaded from your server. This does not depend on whether the message is plain text or HTML. eM Client just does not follow the links in the message unless you have whitelisted the sender or the sender’s domain.

or follow any links.

Ok that’s not what I understood by the function, because downloading alone wouldn’t have brought enough security.
Thanks for the explanation.