Swipe / Zoom in problems with the Android app on Mobile

Swipe / Zoom in problems with the Android mobile app

Using the Android app V10.0.1586 and a eg: Samsung S22 with OS14 Res FHD+ 2316 x 1080 and default display system font & default zoom, if i open say the first email in the eM Client mob Inbox or Sent box and then “swipe to the left” to go through older dated emails, “99% of the time” if i then “pinch and zoom” to view an email closer, the left & right part of the email “is cut off” as in the 1st example screenshot below.

Zooming out and back in on the email doesn’t help. Slowly swiping to the right or left and then zooming in also doesn’t make any difference.

The only way i have found “to not get the left and right side of the email text cut off” when swiping and zooming in on the Mobile app, is to “only open the emails and then zoom in and then close them”. So no swiping left or right after opening the emails. This then works 100% every time and nothing cut off.

Most of my senders emails and my own composed emails using the desktop or mobile app are in Calibri 12 or Tahoma 12 font, and if i view those same received and sent emails on eM Client for desktop V10.0.1495 for Mac or Windows they zoom in and out perfectly with nothing cut off either side. So its only the mobile app that has this issue when i first open an email and then swipe and zoom in.

I have tried changing the Samsung Mobile default display os font and font size & zoom level etc, but makes no difference to the pinch and zoom problem in the eM Client mob app. So i believe this issue is not anything to do with my mobile os.

This same issue also used to happen with the prev eM Client mobile app version with a One Plus OS 13 mobile.

(Swiping to the left on Android Mob app and then zooming in cuts the email text off on the left side)

(Opening the email without swiping to the left on Android Mob app does not cut off the left text)