suspicious email - OCN

Lately I have received a few suspicious emails. They indicate they are from someone I know but the “from” email address shown is not correct for these people, and includes “”
I believe this designation relates to a Japanese internet provider called Open Computer Network (OCN). I have not opened any of these emails but have sent them to trash.
Is eM CLient aware of this activity?
Does anyone know anything about this?
Should I report suspicious email to eM Client?  If so, how?
Should I report suspicious email to anyone else?

eM Client does not maintain a spam filter like email providers do. e.g. GMail. Rather, the option is there in eM Client for you to manually block addresses from which you don’t want to receive email. Rather than deleting the message, you could right-click and choose Move to Junk > Move to Junk and blacklist domain. Then any further emails from will automatically be sent to Junk.

There is no need to report suspicious emails to eM Client.

Your email provider might have an option to add the email to their spam list, so doing that will improve their ability to filter future messages.

This kind of email is constant and very common. Most comes from Russia, Eastern Europe and Asia. For me, they usually hijack a college student’s account or email ID as the domain almost always ends in “.edu”. Could even mean it’s a college student behind it. No way to know.

There is no solution other than to delete and never click on any links.