Suspend POP Account from Synching

Hi there,

Apologies asking again, hopefully a simple quick question please, I am opening new gmail accounts on eM Client with IMAP whilst retaining my POP accounts for the same Gmail Accounts.

How can I suspend/force stop a particular email account from synching for a period?

Many thanks


You can’t stop IMAP accounts from syncing except by disconnecting from the Internet.

POP3 can be disabled in Menu > Settings > General > General > Synchronization.
Just untick both options and click on Save & Close.
As long as you don’t click on the Refresh button, the POP3 won’t retrieve new messages from the server.

When you are done and have deleted the POP3 accounts, you can go back and tick those sync options again as they are used for calendars, contacts, and IMAP folders other than the Inbox.

First class, thank you Gary.

It is indeed my POP account I want stop syncing, as I have created IMAP for the same email account. I copied all my filing folders across to my IMAP, now the old POP is syncing all those duplicate emails back into its inbox. That is what I want to stop.

Cheers mate