Supported Exchange Server version and allready implemented Exchange features in eM Client 7.x

Is there some Information avaiable which Microsoft Exchange Server versions  are supported
and can be used in eM Client 7.x?

Is there a list of allready implemented or planned Exchange Server Features ?
I realize that most of Exchange Server Private Account Features might be working right now but whats about the Global Features like Global Addressbook and Global Calender?

The same Question goes for Office 365 Connection. Does eM Client support Office 365 
Global Addressbook? As far as i can see, Office 365 is just a hosted Exchange Server  by Microsoft to ease the burden of hosting a own InHouse Exchange Server, but is there any
diffrence between Office 365 and “Exchange” connection mode in eM Client?

Please see

eM Client does support Global Address List on Exchange. As long as you set your account up as Exchange and not IMAP, you will have access to that.

Ok.And what about supported Exchange server Versions? If i understand some Support answers correctly in this Forum, there is some talk about Exchange Webservice going on. On MS Website there is a info that Exhange Webservices are first avaiable in Exchange 2007.

Hi Felix. I suggest you write to eM Client and ask them this question.

Hello Felix,
supported Exchange servers start at  Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 and all newer.

Global address book is supported. So are Office 365 accounts. Office 365 use the same ‘Exchange’ mode in eM Cllient.