Support task syncronisation with Toodledo

It would be great if you add the possibilitay to sync eM Client with Toodledo.


most like this will not be implemented because they use different APIs than we support.

but I am keeping this in Ideas under consideration.


This really would give this program a serious boost… and even my android calendar (Business Calendar) supports it… Please!!!


new are that we do not plan to implement this as we need to focus on more burning features request by more users and of course features that fits into eM Client design.


Have you looked into what it would actually take to implement sync w/ Toodledo? It uses ical (see…) . I think most people would use Combo

Tasks with a date will appear on the calendar and dateless tasks will appear on the to-do list.

webcal://… .



Hi Kevin, thank you for the suggestion, but unfortunately unless a feature requests meets a large number of users who would like to see the feature implemented it’s highly improbable that it will be implemented.
But we’ll of course consider adding this service, I bet it would be great having it in eM Client.

Thank you for your input, best regards,

I’ll throw in my 2 cents in support of this feature. It would be great to have my Task list inside my mail client again on my desktop.

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toodle do sync is definitely missing from the program

I will also throw my support for toodeldo in. I currently use eMclient and then have a browser window open for tasks. This would be an awesome feature!

Hi, thank you for your input on this, we’ll consider adding this feature to future releases.


Another request to add compatibility with Toodledo.  I would love to move over to EmClient  from Outlook but also love Toodledo on my iPhone.