Support OnlineMeeting BigBlueButton, Jitsi and Nextcloud Talk

It’s nice that Zoom and MS Teams have found it’s way into emClient.

Meeting Settings should also be possible for the below.

Please also add support for:

  • BigBlueButton
  • Jitsi
  • Nextcloud Talk



This may be an older request but I’m looking at options to replace Outlook in our business and we use Jitsi a lot so having this option would be a plus!

Hello all together,

integration of BigBlueButton is highly appreciated! In northern Germany all schools use it and in my personal environment, BigBlueButton is used in the church.

Thank you, kind regards.

We would like to use BBB as a standard videoconferencing Platform and included it in Outlook already. We have also clients using emClient, who are highly interested in using BBB for online meetings.

I offer to support the emClient team in this.


This is not possible - we were considering it for v9, but they do not offer user-facing API so it can’t be implemented. The BigBlueButton API calls are almost all made server-to-server.

Thank you Gary.
We use Greenlight as a management frontend, which produces a link. So all I need is the possibility for a calendar template, which embeds this link.
Is this possible somehow?

@Gary Is Jitsi being considered? I’m taking a wild guess the integration would be easier since it would just involve creating a link inside the meeting event.

As far as I know there was no usable external API available for Jitsi, so it can’t be added as an option in eM Client.

It would be nice if Jitsi would be added to the list of viedoconferences

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See my comment above. Jitsi do not provide an API for this purpose. Sorry.

Jitsi API seems to be available here: Jitsi API | How to Add Video Meetings to Your Site & App

I used under thunderbird the Add-on “Jitsi Meet event generator” which automatically generates an url for join a meeting and i think shoul’d be enough for the most cases. The api, which hopf87 mention is for direkt embed integration. As i know the matrix client “elements” use this implementation to provide video calls with more than one person. (i tried to switch the default elements implementation to use our jitsi server and not the default jitsi server from the elements, because of privacy issues but curently it won’t work)

Adding OpenTalk to the list: