Support of TAPI


Does a possibility exist to dial a phone number, saved under contacts in emClient, directly on the desk phone by clicking on this contact (using the TAPI-protocoll)?



Hi Ralf, eM client does not support a TAPI protocol, however you should be able to make a phone call using a VOIP application such as Skype or Google Talk on your computer, by using the dial button/number in Contact details displayed in the sidebar.

Other than that eM Client does not support VOIP / Calling services.

Hope this helps,

Ok.  Thank you for the quick reply :slight_smile:

I would like to see TAPI (VOIP) support via EmClient via a voip phone/service.

Starting a call from the contact details works great, by clicking on the displayed number. But actually only the first number is beeing displayed. Is it possible to add the dial function in the contact card directly, or to display more phonenumbers in the sidebar?

Mr Muth, are you makes calls thru EM via Skype? I understand this will work from Em.  I want Em to support SIP/TAPI (VOIP).  I have a VOIP service provider (Nextiva) and a Polycolm VOIP desktop phone connected to my computer/network.  I want to click the phone in my Em contact and have it send the number to my Polycom phone and it dial the number.