Support of Exchange ActiveSync

Does or will eM Client support connection and syncing to Microsoft Outlook Mail via Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)?

If I could find a way to mark this solved, I would.  Yes, eM Client is an excellent replacement for Windows Live Mail.  Too bad Microsoft is not more truthful with their pronouncements, leading you to believe the client software you use needs to support Exchange ActiveAync.  Not true.  Version 7 of eM Client works very well with either IMAP/SMTP/AirSync or EWS (Exchange Web Services).  EAS is a full suite of capabilities, some of which are needed only for smartphones and the like.

Microsoft is very misleading. eM Client works very nicely.

Hello Leo,
glad to hear eM Client works for you and thank you for sharing the answer to your own question with the rest of the users :slight_smile: