Support for imap keywords

Is there any future plan for adding support for imap keywords ?

eM Client does support IMAP Keywords (aka Tags in eM Client) on specific IMAP servers.

Talking about keywords in IMAP: All non-standard message flags are called keywords in IMAP.
So the user can “flag” a message with a User-defined “Flag” on the Imap-Server.
It is a server-side “flag”.

RFC 3501: INTERNET MESSAGE ACCESS PROTOCOL - VERSION 4rev1 → section 2.3.2 Flags Message Attribute

Yes, I was talking about that exactly. If you have keywords in IMAP set on a message, they will show up as “Tags” in the eM Client message view for specific IMAP servers that are verified and known to properly handle IMAP keywords.

eM Client will show the IMAP keywords as tags on the message, but it will not add that tag automatically to the listing of tags you have setup in eM Client, that has to be done manually based on how IMAP keywords work.

Additionally, the “Watch for reply” and the “Notify me when replied/not replied” functionality will use IMAP keywords so that those operations are synced among client installs.

Which specific IMAP servers are supported ?

We fully support IMAP keywords, but servers need to be individually vetted to make sure they support the standard themselves, and work within the scenario we need for functions that use custom flags, like snoozing.

Well, thats nice and all, but doesnt answer the specific question: Which specific IMAP servers are supported? Is there some documentation or a list of IMAP severs which are supported (or vetted for)?

There is no list but you can test it yourself.

If you can sync tags, your server is whitelisted.

There are other varying levels of support, but if you can’t even sync snooze or watch for reply, then it could mean your server has not been whitelisted because it doesn’t support the requirements without issues.