Support for .ics files into calendar.

Many companies send .ICS files for Outlook Calendar updates (for appointments, webinars, etc.). It is important to ensure that the .ICS file is linked and supported by eM Client.

Current workaround:

  1. Open eM CLient.
  2. Download the .ICS file from the email to your desktop (or your place of choosing).
  3. Click the Calendar in eM Client.
  4. Drag and drop the .ICS file into Calendar.
  5. Verify that the date of the event is listed in Calendar.

Functionality Expected:

  1. Double-click the .ICS file.
  2. A dialogue box is presented asking you, “Do you wish to add the following the the Calendar?” with the Subject, Date, and Time listed below in the dialogue box.
  3. Give the user the option of Yes, No, Change.
  4. Clicking Yes adds it to the Calendar. Clicking No terminates the process. Clicking change opens the Calendar New window, with the information pre-populated and the attention directed to the date.

Thanks for your suggestions.

The feature you request is already one of our large features which will be available in the next version (v3.1) which will be released in couple of weeks. There will be graphical interface to open .ics and .vcf and store it to calendar/contactlist (and UI for multiple items in one file). When .ics is will be sent as attachment of email it will open in read-only mode and allow adding to calendar.

Good to hear Gabriel. Please send me a link for the current BETA and if you need an NDA from me, send it.

I believe my feedback will be valuable to your development.

PS I currently have over 230,000 messages in a ClearOS server (see… for details on it.).

Am I missing something here? I’m currently on 3.5.12897.0 but still cannot store calendar entries from .ics attachments?

This will be possible in the upcoming version 4.0 which is to be released the next week.

Cool, looking forward to it!

Did this feature ever get implemented? I don’t see any way to accomplish this even in the Version 5 beta.

When you double click on an attached .ics file, you should be asked if you want to import it - can you confirm that?

I’m running on 5.
the auto import ics file is not working. There’s a need to store and import.
Is this going to be fixed?


double click on .ics file and then there should be window which asks you into what folder you want to import it.

Of course you need to have eM Client set as default for .ics files

with regards

I can’t get this to work automatically, either. I just got a notice of a Webinar I signed up for, with the option to “Add to your Outlook Calendar.”  I clicked on it, and got a drop-down box with Outlook, and several other programs, but eM Client was not one of them. How do I fix this? Thanks!

Okay, I just realized that I have to change my default email client to eM Client and that gave me the option.  HOWEVER, the time is wrong. The opening dialog box shows the time as 10 a.m. Pacific time. It actually takes place then, but I’m on the East Coast. I changed the time zone to GMT-5 East, but it won’t stay. It keeps returning to Pacific time. I finally just manually changed the time to 1:00 p.m. so at least my calendar will be correct. Am I doing something wrong with the time zone?

Edit:  If I go into the tabs of the dialog box that pops up, the correct time is shown as Eastern time zone, but on the initial screen it stays as Pacific, and that’s what shows up in my calendar.

Unable to get accepted appointment to save into calendar by just clicking on save button. I am able to do so if I download and drag it into the Calendar. eM Client 6.0.20617.0

Hi Eric, not sure what the issue exactly is, can you please specify it? Does this occur when you receive an invitation to an event?

Thank you,