support for emclient

Is there any support for em Client? Like raising a ticket? If I post here I often do not get an answer.
I have a licence for two and the second computer wants a licence number, but I don’t know where to get it.
My other computer which has an active licence, has not receive an email for two days and it just says that the message will be downloaded when I am online. But I am online.
Thirdly, I want to enlarge the font in my emails (somewhat a moot point because I cannot get at any emails on either of my two computers!!) but the help function says to go Tools-settings, and my verison does not go tools-settings…
All in all, I have paid for an email client that I simply cannot use. I will have to retrieve my emails in work tomorrow.

Really unhappy…

If you have a Pro License, you can get support directly from eM Client. On the computer that is already activated, click on Menu > Help > Get Support. Support is closed on the weekend, but if you open a ticket now, you should get a reply by this time on Monday, or maybe Tuesday morning.

To license the second computer, you can use the same activation key you used on the first as you purchased two licenses. So on the second computer go to Menu > Help > License and click on the Activate button, then paste the same key you used on the first.

To enlarge the font on received messages use Ctrl + to zoom in, Ctrl - to zoom out, and Ctrl 0 to reset to the original. You can also do this using Ctrl and mouse wheel if that is easier.

You will find the settings menu by clicking on Menu > Tools > Settings.

If you are using a Mac, I believe it is on the top menu bar.

Also, this is a community supported forum, so comments here are from other users not eM Client staff (though they do monitor and occasionally comment). If fellow users do not have a solution, you most likely will not get a comment.