Support Folder Rules

I would like to suggest that a rule class for folders. For example select a folder create rule for folder > move, delete, return to inbox, or flag, emails older than X days, weeks, months, or years ETC.

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While eM Client’s implementation of Rules only applies automatically to new messages arriving in the Inbox, hence why your suggestion is not currently possible, I would also like to see some form of scheduled use of the Rules on the Inbox and even other folders.

Thunderbird added a feature like this not so long ago, where filters can now run on a schedule, besides being applied to new messages.

I would find this very useful in moving messages from selected folders only to the archive after they reach a certain age, or after I have removed a tag. eM Client’s Automatic Archive feature goes some way to doing this, but it is an all or nothing feature only on messages over a certain age. A Rule that does something like that and is more configurable than archiving, would be an excellent tool to have.

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Hi there, thanks for raising this subject. And thanks to Gary for the remarks which I would like to add one more item (rule application to incoming mails):

As probably everyone also I get annoying spam mails. To filter them, there are preset options to move them forward to the junk folder and put it on domain or email backlist. Great.

But guess what? The spammers use for every single mail another email and/or domain, so the menu option is almost useless.

For this reason I thought, it’s a good idea to set an according rule. But: the limitations in optionalisation of rule behaviour doesn’t fit at all the more and more aggressive manner of spammers.

For better understanding: you have spammers like, or with always different content (body) there is no help at all in optionalize general rules like “send to my adress” or “processed with account” or “my name in to-field” or “words in the subject or body” or “words in the headline” in an unsorted list which would grow more and more, the more options you would implement. With these rough options you won’t filter this kind of spam out. No chance.

What is needed in this case is to set even fragments of words, endings, domain aliases - besides complete words could be sort out by set them in the according dialogue (just check even Entourage 2008 rules, and watch, how sophisticated ruling could be 10 years before). And finally a command like “apply the rule XY” to whatever is selected in the mail box, at least to have the possibility to check imediately, if the rule settings are working as set.