Superb program

I had been looking for a program I could receive my emails through that let me receive them in one inbox for a while after the one I used started to give me very real problems and then I found this one. I only have one gripe with it and it’s hardly a problem. I’d like to be able to set the font colour for messages that I’m writing in the options so that it’s a permanent change. That is the only gripe I have. I can change it in the actual message window so it isn’t too life threatening.
Other than that this, in my opinion, is a really professionally made program that works perfectly. It fills every need a person could have whether they’re a home user or a business one.

Hi, thank you very much for showing your satisfaction with our product!


It’s a pleasure. It’s clear to look at, works brilliantly, tells you if there’s a problem immediately and does it all without fuss. I’d like a contacts button on the toolbar, but it’s hardly life threatening to have to go into a menu. Besides the name comes up in the message window after the first letter is typed in if an email has been sent to that contact before so it doesn’t really matter. To me this email client is as easy to set up as the Google Chrome browser. Both are set to a person’s likings in next to no time.

Well, I hope that we will not let you down with your enthusiasm :slight_smile:


So far it’s excellent. Only the two things I’ve mentioned that I’d like but I’m not even bothered by those the more I use the program. Perhaps being able to increase the font size of the whole interface, but it’s so clear it isn’t really an issue and that may be increasable by changing window’s settings.