Suitable program to mark headers as spam

I’ve googled a lot of anti-spam programs, but they seem to be geared to blocking spam, which I don’t want to do - I want to be able to look at them in my Junk folder

What I’m looking for is a Windows 10 program that will add a spam header to messages and then pass it on to eM Client so that I can have a rule that puts it in the Junk folder. I’ve seen a couple, but they’re very old and may not work satisfactorily with Win 10.

I’d appreciate any suggestions (I’m new to Windows - I’ve been using Linux for about 20 years!)

Your mail server should already add the header for you, and then eM Client’s own Spam filter Rule will place it in the Junk folder. Or you can just have your mail server place it directly in the Junk folder, which is what most do anyway.

Well, the problem is that the mail server’s view of what is spam isn’t the same as mine. I’m looking for a program like bogofilter that I used to use in Linux. Then I can choose what is spam and what is ham.

eM Client can’t interact with desktop applications like that, so it is not possible to do it that way.

Some people use things like MailWasher, but that means they can’t have eM Client receive messages in real-time. They have to let that application first wash what is on the server before eM Client is allowed to connect to it, and then immediately disconnect eM Client from the Internet again. Unless you are using POP3, that is not a practical solution.

And of course if you are accessing the server from more than one device, are you going to duplicate the spam applications and their learning across all devices?

Something else to consider is that servers like Google use artificial neural networks, that cost millions, to detect spam. Desktop spam detection applications can never come close to what they can do.

viernes 30 octubre 2020 :: 1822hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @rkimber

I’ve been using a program called MailWasherPro since 2005 it can be configured to do
exactly what you want and a whole lot more.
It is considered to be the World Leader - go here:

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OK, thanks, but I was just looking for a program to insert headers that eM Client could use in its rules, rather than a program that integrated with eM Client. Bayesian filters can be very efficient when used on a PC.

Thanks, I’ll have a look at it.

viernes 30 octubre 2020 :: 1840hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @rkimber

Yes I agree, with Mailwasher you can do this either on your desktop or server if you have that facility allowing you to access mail from multiple computers using the same filters etc - you can try it Free. It sits between your mail server, filters and can be set by you to your personal preferences then forward to and open your mail client automatically.
It can be as sophisticated or as simple as you want it to be.

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Yes, most servers do that, and eM Client already has the Spam filter Rule enabled to handle those headers.