Suggestions for manual setup

Having just discovered eM Client I decided to have a play at setting up on a test account I have with my ISP (Who use Google Apps) and also on my own personal Google Apps Account.

My own setup went smoothly using the automatic settings.  No complaint there.

However with the Virgin account there were problems.  Although they use Google Apps, some configuration options their end means that the Gmail API can’t hook into the account properly.

This leaves us with manual setup and there the fun begins. uses the following setup - Port 993 SSL - Port 995 SSL - Port 465 SSL

However when you manually set up the account you can’t specify the port or encryption type.
eM Client appears to give up after trying ports 143 and 25 in my case.  So it moves on to the fix screen.  Unfortunately the fix screen uses the mx records which are google’s and tries setting up the standard Google servers instead.  (FWIW Thunderbird has the same issue but is a lot easier to configure manually)

Therefore I have to set the account up with settings that don’t work and then edit the SSL Policy afterwards.  (Once set up it works fine).

You should really add Port and SSL options into the manual setup wizard.


Edit just to add I have posted a full guide for Virginmedia email users here.  I’d be grateful if you guys could look though and see if there’s any way setup could have been made easier.…

Hello, thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately the current behavior during automatic setup is due to Google’s inability to include this option in google apps partner based webmail application.
VirginMedia accounts are using the Google based webmail, however most likely the mutual agreement between Google and VirginMedia is about to run out (unconfirmed).

VirginMedia accounts are running on Google’s servers which implemented the OAuth authentication option on it’s servers as the default authentication option for use with Google Accounts. Unfortunately the feature has not been implemented to these partner Apps and since eM Client is unable to detect the difference between connecting to a VirginMedia account running on the server or a regular Gmail account, we’re unable to workaround the current behavior.

It is possible that the feature will be implemented eventually or the service might be shutdown in following months (depends on your partner’s agreement with google).

We’re still reviewing options on how to workaround the behavior for Google Partners mail services, but as our research on use with other apps has shown, it might not be completely possible, as other applications will be experiencing an identical issue during setup of the account.

Hi Paul

With regard to OAuth.  I am aware of this and infact it does work to some degree as Virgin’s users are correctly diverted to Virgin’s SSO page, the login breaks after they’ve authenticated.  

Virgin could potentially work with Google to fix this, along with a myriad other problems that currently exist, but I suspect they’ll end their partnership with Google before that happens. (speculation on my part).

However by concentrating on the OAuth aspect you missed the point of my post altogether.  That is that you manual setup for POP3 and IMAP accounts needs improving.

Mozilla Thunderbird for example gives you all the needed setup options on a SINGLE page, including port and SSL/TLS options.  With your options I currently have to jump through hoops to set up the account.  And while Blueyonder and NTLWorld email accounts will work, for accounts I have to go through additional steps AFTER the account is created to get it working properly.  Note I advocate using the additional steps on Blueyonder and NTLWorld accounts as well as no one should be using clear text without SSL if it can be avoided.


Hello again, the setup option to manually setup your account still uses a partial autodiscover feature to detect the port numbers automatically from your server’s autodiscover preferences, however in case these are incorrectly setup or additional network adjustments are needed, eM Client can’t detect these special adjustments and may not be able to setup the account, however the setup includes the option to ignore test results and you should be able to adjust the account settings manually in the account setup.

Please the autodiscover feature is included for ease up the setup of the account in most cases, however I understand that in case something goes wrong during the automated setup, additional steps may not be so user friendly.

Regarding Google and VirginMedia, we have background information that Google Apps have a lot of issues when the domain and apps are being used by more than e.g. hundred users… which may be the reason for Google and Virgin closing their current agreement, however these are unconfirmed information, so don’t take them seriously :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.