Suggestions for improvement

The eM Client (I use version 4.0.15145.0) is a good email client, but there are some areas that need to be improved.

  1. Exporting emails: There should be a choice to export ALL the emails or a selected subset. As of now, the selected subset it default.

  2. Exporting emails: If the destination directory doesn’t exist the program fails. Instead it should say “Destination directory doesn’t exist. Should it be created?” and then allow the directory to be created, without getting an error message.

  3. Menu icons: Today the menu icons are small with text to the right. There should be more alternatives, like “big icons” and “big icons with text underneath”.

  4. RSS widgets: There should be some setting to limit history depth, like only keep the latest 30/60/? days of updates to a certain RSS feed.

  5. Database cleanup and compression: Maybe an alternative to compress databases would be useful, or is this not needed for the databases used by eM Client?

  6. Change the program icon (on the taskbar) so that it’s possible (and easy) to see when there is newly arrived (unread) email.