Suggestion: Rules expand to include variables, and changes to message components

I would like to see extensions to the rules that would enable the user (me) to be able to make changes to some of the incoming or outgoing messages.

Example 1: Some companies send me messages that have un-informative sender names such as ‘info’ and ‘hub’ showing in the from column. I would dearly love to catch these and give the display a more informative name. Say ‘info’ to ‘Brighton Car Sales’.

Example 2: My wife often forwards messages to me to keep me informed but what appears meaningful to her in her list of received emails is not so meaningful in my list. The message subject is the same but the sender is my wife, not the original sender. I would like to be able to change the subject so the ‘FW’ becomes ‘FW from’ where ‘john@’ is the original sender.

The extensions I would like to see are:
(*) variables for common parts of email messages - sender, subject line, body of message
(*) actions that change parts of email messages - prepend and append string to variable, trim strings

If condition, append to %message body%
If condition, prepend "FWD “&%Original Sender% to %message title%:3,*
If condition, replace %message title” with "Msg from "&%Original Sender%

Legend: " start and end literal text
& - concatenate
% start and end of variable name
:m,n - trim previous text next characters from position m.

This is not a spec but an indication of the enhancements I’d like to see, actually need right now. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately we do not plan to add variables into rules in foreseeable future.


Hi Jan,

Could you explain a little more why my proposal is not viable. Is it because it is too difficult, or potentially a breach of email security, or not a line EMC wants to be known for?

The reason I’m seeking further information is that I might be able to modify the proposal to make it more attractive.

Outlook, from which I’m a refugee, had Visual Basic for manipulating email objects, but I have to confess I found it too hard to master.


This feature is simply not requested by enough people and we want eM Client as much simple as possible.

We do not want eM Client to become too hard to use, now variables are possible to be made even by users without any advanced computing knowledge, just with little logic you can build almost everything that home user or some manager can need.

Of course there are exceptions, but we are not that big company and we need to pay attention to major requests only.

that is why I will keep this open so other people can upvote this.

with best regards

Thanks Jan.

We’ll see if there’s interest from other users and if not the idea can quietly disappear.

Rules should rule.

it should work not only with exact addresses but also like with Thunderbird filter
" ending with", i.e “
It is very important. I’;ve bought your mailer but so far I can not move away from Thunderbird since I do not have a comfortable feeling.


I understand you but as I have written before this is up to other users to request this.