Suddenly stops downloading images/graphics

I’ve been using eM for about 4 months.  My privacy setting is “Block download except from senders on whitelist” and works perfectly, and I have the option when receiving mail to either “download images” or “Always download images from this sender”.  But all of the sudden (3 days ago) eM no longer downloads images/graphics even from trusted senders, but not all graphics.  In some mail I can still see a company logo, some others I don’t.  A lot of mails (mostly ads from companies I’ve done business with, eg Amazon) will have empty frames with a small box with a red x and the name of the frame.  I can click on that frame and be taken to my browser to the sender site.  Even from new mail senders where I’m given the option of Download/Always download, clicking on the download button gets me no graphics.

I run on Windows XP rev 3, and have not touched my settings.

Hi, what version of eM Client are you currently using?
Can you please make a screenshot of this issue as well and post it here on the forum?

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I run 6.0.20154.0 (by the way clicking on “Check for update” does not seem to do anything).  Attached is the screen shot with an email from cnet c:\Documents%20and%20Settings\Pham\My%20Documents\My%20Pictures\eMScreen

Let me resent the screen.  It does not look like the paperclip will upload my file

What version of internet explorer are you currently using? Can you make sure it’s the latest available version for your operating system?
You mentioned this only happens with some of the emails? Can you export one of those emails (for example the one on the screenshot) into .eml file and send it to my email?

You can export the message by simply drag and dropping it onto a new email or onto your desktop.

Please send it to [email protected]

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Couldn’t find the same e-mail I sent you yesterday, so here another screen shot for the one I sent via email.

Please note that on this one the CNET logo does not even show up.

Hi again, I still did not receive the requested message, did you send it?
Also when you send the message, can you please include a reference link to this forum topic?

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… Forwarded email fromPaul McGregor
Hi again,
I’ve asked you this before but what version of Internet Explorer are you using?
Can you make sure it’s the latest version available for your operating system?
If it is and you’re not using IE for regular browsing can you please go to IE > Internet options > Advanced and click on “Restore advanced settings” and “Reset”?
Let me know if that was any help.
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Paul McGregor.
Technical Support
eM Client

I copied your msg that came to me via my non-forum address so that anyone browsing this site can follow the thread.

I DON’T use IE at all.  I use Firefox.  But for the hell of it I ran IE and followed the steps above, rebooted and voila, everything was solved!  Thanks.

Hi again, glad we’ve solved it… It might be a bit confusing how does IE come into play, but eM Client is using features of IE for example for clipboard management or handling/rendering of images, thanks to the .NET framework it’s build on, so even if you’re not using Internet Explorer, always keep it up to date to avoid some issues.

If you come across any other issues or questions about the application, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

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